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SILVERMINK’s Whole Body Vibration (WBV) platform and award winning spiral vibration technology energizes your blood circulation & lymphatic circulation, which will enable your body to maintain good health and more importantly, eliminate pain associated with certain ailments.

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Common Problems which SilverMink can help alleviate
• Poor circulatory problems e.g. diabetics
• Back and neck pain
• Joint and muscle pain
• Swollen feet and ankle
• Stress incontinence/pelvic dysfunction
• Weight issues.
• Muscular weakness
• Poor mobility and balance
• Osteoporosis
• Insomnia
• Arthritis
• MS, CP or Fibromyalgia


Remarkable Benefits:

• Assist in pain reduction
• Increase blood circulation
• Stimulate the deep, core stabilizing
• Strengthening pelvic floor muscles.
• Improve muscle strength
• Increase muscular flexibility
• Increase bone density associated with
• Normalize blood pressure.
• Improve balance and mobility
• Weight loss.
• Better sleep.

The Video: See how it works!

The Video

The Video

Whole Body Vibration Benefits
• 15 minutes on SilverMink is equivalent to walking 5 km in terms of blood circulation rate.
• Promotes positive physiological changes by naturally improving blood circulation.
• Improved blood circulation helps to better transport oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the whole body whilst removing
  unhealthy waste substances from the tissue.
• Improves metabolism rate allows self-healing and strengthens the immune system.
• Restores body functions and relieves symptoms of ailments.
• Safe, drugless and non-intrusive therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonizing the body.

The ancient healing art of reflexology, massage therapy and acupuncture are increasingly recognized as effective forms of alternative medical treatment. These are the principles by which SilverMink’s technology was designed.

The human body has the natural ability to heal itself under optimal condition. SilverMink’s spiral vibration helps to provide this optimal condition by increasing the blood flow, which subsequently stimulates reflexology zones and acupuncture pressure points in the feet, hands and body.

This promotes physiological improvements in the immune system and other internal functions that helps alleviate symptoms associated with certain diseases. SilverMink also has proven ability to relieve chronic conditions as reported by many users.

These holistic approaches are increasingly being incorporated into treatments for chronic illnesses, stress and injuries, particularly to control and relieve pain. SilverMink is designed and developed to provide a safe, non- invasive and drug-free alternative to effectively manage chronic pain while improving and strengthening the body’s internal system.

SilverMink users include:

• Physiotherapists & Health professionals
• Rehabilitation & Beauty Centres
• Nursing homes & Retirement homes
• Individuals with health disorders.

Certified in various countries:

- Spleen Test Result
- Bone Density Report 1
- Bone Density Report 2
- Odema Picture
- Angiogram Report